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Scar Revision in South Delhi

Best Scar Revision Treatment in Souths Delhi

Scar Revision

Get the best Scar Revision Treatment in Delhi (South Delhi). It is also termed as derma peeling or chemexfoliation & can improve a person’s skin appearance by removing or reducing the pigmentation, wrinkles, scars...

What is Scar Revision?

Minimize a Scar It reduces a Scar so that it bons less conspicuous & blends with the swionding Sh=kine tone & texture.

They are the unavoidable results of injury/surgery & their development can be impredictable.

Poor healing can lead to obvious, unsightly/disfiguring scar.

Scars can botnes an individual due to its shape/size/location/sureounding healthy tissue.

Type of Tx depending on type & degree of scars:-

  • Non Surgical - Topical/Lasers
  • Sevi Surgical
  • Surgical revision with advanced closure technique

A scar cannot be completely erased it only improves & looks less noticeable.

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What are the Potential Side effects of Chemical Peels?

Luckily, considerable complications from chemical peels are less often. The possible risks will be discussed by your dermatologist during consultation. Some of the potential side effects of chemical peels include;

  • Pores may appear larger post peel
  • Sensitivity to sun can be experienced after the treatment
  • Deep chemical peels give a bleaching effect
  • reaction to anesthesia
  • accumulation of blood or fluid beneath the skin that may need withdrawal
  • Abnormal healing
  • Unsatisfactory outcome that may demand additional procedures
  • Can aggravate skin problems, including cold sores (herpes virus), warm to hot sensitivity, unanticipated color changes, allergic reactions, skin blotchiness, whiteheads or Swelling.

You can reduce certain risks following the instructions of your board-certified dermatologist

Who is a candidate for Chemical Peels?

  • Individual with unsatisfactory skin texture and thickness,
  • Having sun-damaged, uneven skin or facial wrinkling with blotchiness
  • Sunspots, brown spots and scars that have caused rough skin surface
  • having certain precancerous skin growths

What can be expected?

Your dead cells present in the skin will be exfoliated thus improving texture, complexion and congested pores. Different kinds of chemical peels differ according to their strength and specific components. No skin covering, sedation or downtime is needed after a light or medium peel so you can immediately resume to work. However, a petroleum jelly or after-peel ointment is layered over the face, after a deep peel. Deep peel also requires recuperation time.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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